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Arcade Fire man Will Butler has shared a new music video for "Anna" starring American actress Emma Stone. This is the second set of visuals for the track, following the self-directed clip Will shared back in January. Directed by Brantley Gutierrez, the playful video shows (more)
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Wonderful portrait of artist, Geoff McFetridge, by Dress Code. The short video gives great insight into how McFetridge approaches his own work as well as a peek into some of the preparation that went into his current show, “It Looks Like it Says”. (more…) (more)
I don’t know if I’ve ever seen two bands split a music video before? I’m sure someone will rattle off a whole bunch of bands who have done this in the comments below, but I can’t think of any for the life of me. (more…) (more)
As usual, Stussy doesn’t disappoint when it comes to delivering one collaboration after another. Having just recently worked with Converse on the Chuck Taylor 70 in two colorways, the two brands are back and together they worked on the iconic Jack Purcell silhouette for (more)
Video Game: Cuphead
October 8, 2015 / Games
I rarely post anything video game related but this one, being developed by Studio MDHR, may interest some of you animators out there! Cuphead is an action game featuring fantastic 1930s style cel animations (hand drawn and hand inked), with watercolour backgrounds, and (more)
Flying Lotus has shared the first trailer for short film FUCKKKYOUUU, which features a new original score he has composed. It’s directed by Eddie Alcazar and also comes produced by FlyLo, it was premiered at the Sundance Next Fest earlier this year. (more…) (more)
In search of adventure, Red Bull sent some its pro skateboarding team to the tiny island of Malé in the Maldives, where over 150,000 cram themselves onto a just 5.8 square-kilometres of land, making it one of the most densely populated cities in the world. (more&hellip (more)
Trailer: Vinyl
October 7, 2015 / TV Series
First we saw a teaser for the teaser, and then we saw the actual teaser, and now we’re getting a real trailer for Vinyl, the forthcoming HBO music industry drama series executive produced by Martin Scorsese, Mick Jagger, and Boardwalk Empire creator Terence Winter. (m (more)
Hayao Miyazaki’s latest project, “The Forest Where the Wind Returns,” isn’t a movie—it’s a nature park! Keeping with the spirit of many of his films, Miyazaki is donating 300 million yen ($2.5 million USD) of his own money to create a place where children can (more)
When you’re stuck working in a cubicle in some rent-an-office solution, seeing any office with even a little bit of quality design is going to seem like the best thing in the world. But, when it comes to VSCO‘s new Oakland headquarters, it might literally be the best (more)
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