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Excellent video by Victoria, B.C.-based production duo Ft. Langley (OPD Brooks and William Wilkinson) for experimental folk band, Aidan Knight (whose lead singer songwriter/namesake also hails from Victoria). (more…) (more)
Trailer: The Big Short
October 5, 2015 / Movies
Meet the men who made millions from a global economic meltdown. “The Big Short“ will close the 2015 AFI Film festival later this year, and it seems as if this will be a big tonal shift for director Adam McKay, the director behind Will Ferrell vehicles such as “Anchorman“ (more)
Argo II seeks to create one hybrid of contemporary classic men sneakers. Reworking the original Circular Vamp Oxford or CVO into a stronger feature with premium Brown Chromexcel as leather upper from 100 years old tannery, the Horween Leather Company. (more…) (more)
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As Takashi Murakami is preparing for his first exhibition in Japan in 14 years, Pharrell recently had the pleasure of visiting the contemporary artist’s studio to get a first look at his “The 500 Arhats." The pair of creatives have not only been collaborators over (more)
Another flawless animation by London-based 2d and 3d animator Simon Landrein. This one for Silkie’s “Love Affair”. His style is so recognizable now, and he just knows how to pare down everything to just what’s necessary to tell a story. (more…) (more)
Designed to blend in seamlessly with the rural surroundings, the Amangiri Resort is a desert oasis, situated in a valley near the Utah/Arizona border. Spanning over 600 acres, this Southwestern gem has everything one could ever ask for. The resort (more…) (more)
Huntington was also the man behind the #vanlife hashtag on Instagram, cataloguing the time he spent living out of his camper van. “The Wanderlust of #Vanlife” is a short documentary, produced by The Atlantic, focusing on the people who choose to (more…) (more)
Stussy’s Fall/Winter 2015 campaign takes them to Japan with photographer Tyrone Lebon. Stussy’s connection to the country runs deep, with popularity among its residents unfaltering. With such a dedicated fanbase, the company has returned (more…) (more)
Another great job by director/producer Bas Berkhout. The second instalment of the online documentary series, InFrame, features award-winning graphic artist, Pâté (a.k.a. Paul Pateman). Watch Pateman discuss what motivated him to quit his job (more…) (more)
Following a mysterious countdown clock on their website which has now ended, Deerhunter have announced details of a new album titled Fading Frontier. It’s the follow up to 2013’s Monomania and will come out with 4AD on October 16. (more…) (more)
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