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July 1, 2015 / Boards
Boom. #Pleasecharge is packed with the sick skating that are filmed across Spain, France, UK, Netherlands and Germany with the converse crew Remy Taveira, Harry Lintell, Felipe Bartolome, Jerome Campbell, Paul Grund, Greg Cuadrado, Kevin Rodrigues (more...) (more)
Flipping The Bird
July 1, 2015 / Movies
One little gesture can say so much, can't it? The "FUCK YOU” sign is the only symbol that any human being understands from Asia to Africa, from the bushes to the big cities. Thus, showing a "FUCK YOU" in cinema are transmitting something without any words. (more...) (more)
You've probably already heard about director Gasper Noé's latest film Love, which premiered at Cannes Film Festival to mixed reviews due to its 3D hardcore porn scenes. Well, now an extremely NSFW trailer has been released for it, giving us an idea (more...) (more)
Here’s a fantastic little short for your Tuesday! Daniel Mercadante just sent over his latest film and said it was ‘an amazing twist of fate that I finished it just as the world is painted in rainbows’. From the sun, to carrots, to the sky, to frogs, to fire engines (more)
After just releasing a tee inspired by the defacement of Paris’ A.P.C. store, graffiti artist Kidult has released a new video to communicate and enforce his artistic direction. The raw and eery clip titled “Funeral Fanfare” depicts a number of videos that have sparked (more)
Wow, it's almost twenty years ago already since the great Chuck Palahniuk released the epoch-making “Fight Club“... but eventually everybody is growing older and a bit softer. So here is the man himself, reading an excerpt from a new children's book version (more (more)
June 29, 2015 / Boards
Weird! William Strobeck filmed pretty wild, resulting in this irritating and thrilling footage of the Supreme-team. He is playing with motion sickness here, so for the weak ones, get a vomit bag or miss out on this beautiful piece of work. (more...) (more)
Clever short film The Life & Death of an iPhone is shot completely from the phone's point-of-view. It begins right from the phones inception in the factory, moving on to it finding an owner, where it plays out its life and unfortunate death before finally being (m (more)
Short Animation: Coda
June 25, 2015 / Movies
Directed by Alan Holly, cowritten by Holly and Rory Byrne, and co-animated by Holly, Byrne, and Eoghan DaltonCoda manages to instil real emotion into the relatively cliché theme of life and death. Beautifully executed and deceptively simple. (more...) (more)
Doris Diether is a former journalist and longtime activist in New York who is often seen strolling through Washington Square Park chatting with just about everyone. Ricky Syers is a musician and marionetteer who encountered Diether the first week (more...) (more)
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