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Patrick Wallner’s latest video takes the perennially traveling filmmaker throughout the Baltics and Belarus. Unlike the majority of his “Visualtraveling” videos however, his latest clip focuses less on skateboarding (there’s a bit of skating here and there) (mo (more)
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This sweet old BMW was built for a customer in England by a shop in Spain. The guy had gone on a trip to the African desert with the builders, and simply handed his bike over at the end of the journey so they could work their magic. (more...) (more)
Karen O – “Ooo” Video
September 15, 2014 / Music, Video
Spike Jonze is arguably the greatest music video director of all time, but he’s mostly retired from the art form. But he just made a quick exception for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs leader Karen O, who just released her debut solo album Crush Songs, an album of quiet acoustic (more)
Happy Monday to you all! First, we have something quite interesting.. a video made by the dissolve movie blog. I always check out their site anytime i look for a movie reviews, cos I think they have one of the best for now. (more...) (more)
Last week, I was dreaming of skating through south african streets in this thrilling warm light. In the meantime the Cons riders Remy Taveira, David Stenstrom and (introducing) Felipe Bartolome delivered some bangers. Enjoy. (more...) (more)
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London-based streetwear brand Lazy Oaf presents its 2014 winter menswear collection, which draws inspiration from a combination of reptiles, tribal patterns and Haitian Voudou. Some standout pieces that fully encapsulate this theme (more...) (more)
For our local goods today, we have something really special from Studiorama. Ramayana Soul blends western psychedelia with eastern sensibilities; hence the amalgamation of sounds between sexy electric guitar, flowing bass lines, decisive drumming, serene sitar, and groovy (more)
Fledgling Los Angeles-based brand The Times present their Fall/Winter 2014 collection via an accompanying lookbook. Short for “these are the times,”  a reminder to live in the present and enjoy today, The Times’ latest collection continues their commitment to outdoor, (more)
A day after it announced the iPhone 6 and Watch, Apple has introduced a new commercial which pays tribute to those among us who "have always seen things differently." Entitled "Perspective" (more...) (more)
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It’s probably happened to you once or twice, you pop into Starbucks for a little coffee treat and when asked your name the barista will nod politely while scribbling it down using a seemingly impossible spelling. (more...) (more)
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