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UNDERCOVER is set to re-release the rare “Hamburger Lamp,” which first appeared in 2002 as a collector’s item. The 30 cm-tall collectible lamp is fashioned after the iconic hamburger character that sports large cartoon eyes and fanged teeth that illuminate in the (more)
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Out of all of the trademarks that define Tarantino's style, the filmmaker may be most recognized for his gratuitous use of blood and violence. The excessive bloodshed often seems to serve as a tribute of sorts to a style or genre of filmmaking (Japanese cinema, Westerns, (more)
Madame Tussauds in London has created a behind-the-scenes video documented a team of 180 talented sculptors, hair artists and colourists as they work for 12 months to create an "epic Star Wars experience." "The Star Wars Experience at Madame Tussauds is a whole new area," (more)
Daft Punk have released two limited edition skateboards together with French designers Hervet-Maufacturier. The pair of cruiser decks come laser engraved with the Daft Punk logo as a “grip effect” on the top, while the bottom features a two colour inlayed logo. (mo (more)
Yamaha celebrate 20 years of the iconic street bruiser, the XJR series, with this super-streamlined XJR1300 “Dissident.” After kicking off its Yard Builtprogram nearly three years ago, Yamaha invited Portuguese builders, Osvaldo and Alexandre of it roCKs! bikes to (more)
In a world where video game makers continuously push the boundaries of technology, it’s always nice to get back to the basics. You know the 8-bit stuff we all grew up on. The folks at Love Hulten get it, and have built the Pixelkabinett. A play on the words “pixel” (more)
New Balance Numeric - the skateboarding sidearm of the company - has teamed up with Brindle Collective to release a short video called Sunland, which showcases the 13 new footwear styles it just released. Team members include Arto Saari, Levi Brown (more...) (more)
Filmmaker Scott Winn has collaborated with CJ Jordan to create a two-and-a-half minute video of motorcyclists "surfing" on their bikes at speeds of up to 50mph. The short film, which was shot in 5K amongst beautiful natural surroundings with a Red Epic (more...) (more)
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Happy Thursday everyone! For last post of the day we have Powell-Peralta’s Kilian Martin has been keeping freestyle alive the past few years. He's partnered with filmmaker Brett Novak for another super cinematic edit featuring some crazy shit. (more...) (more)
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Real Estate member Matt Mondanile also makes magnificently moody, ambient psychedelia as Ducktails, and today he’s released the video for “Headbanging In The Mirror.” The track is a leisurely, meandering thing, and Mondanile also travels in the Rose Schlossberg-directed (more)
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