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With the second half of Mad Men’s final season set to premier next month, a new Vice report looks into whether the character of Don Draper was based in reality, and if so who that person might be. (more...) (more)
FUCT SSDD has just dropped a stellar new lookbook in support of its collaborative capsule collection with musician and artists Ric Clayton, also known as Rxcx. Shot by frequent FUCT collaborator Rick Rodney, the images draw their inspiration from the punk and skate subcultures (more)
Really enjoying this series called, California Inspires Me, a collaboration between Google Play and California Sunday. A creative person is interviewed for each episode and then an animator creates visuals to go with the person’s voice. (more...) (more)
We had a sneak peak of this collection a month ago, but now we get to take a closer look at Pharrell Williams' collaboration with adidas Originals. He has taken the classic silhouette of the Superstar and added a whole load of colour, in fact 50 different colours (m (more)
Trailer: Ex Machina
March 5, 2015 / Movies
Alex Garland's highly anticipated directorial debut just got graced with a new trailer - and as expected it's a rather dark and intense one. I mean we're talking about the guy who actually wrote “28 Days Later“ and “Sunshine“. (more...) (more)
After teasing it on Instagram last month, Supreme just dropped a short new skate video titled “the red devil.” Shot on the streets of New York and Los Angeles by William Strobeck, the same videographer behind last year’s full-length video “cherry,” (more (more)
Born in Carrara in 1982, Italian designer Moreno Ratti comes from an architectural background. Since 2013, he has pursued industrial design, marble being his preferred material to work with. He is currently working with fellow Italian designer Paolo Ulian (more...) (more)
The effect in this video is so simple; I can’t believe I haven’t seen this done before. This single channel video by artist Daniel Crooks was commissioned by Michael and Silvia Kantor for the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, with sound and music by Byron Scullin. (more)
There were two artists that worked exclusively with yarn at this year’s Pow! Wow! Hawaii festival: Hot Tea (Minnesota), and Olek (New York). The video below captures Olek as she crochets a beautiful canoe using materials generously provided by Anthropologie. (mo (more)
Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 11.18.45 AM
Levi's Skateboarding has introduced its latest apparel collection with a one-minute lookbook video shot during the build of Town Park skate park in West Oakland, CA. "The collection remains the same durable jeans and work pants - woven with durable (more...) (more)
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