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Thundercat has shared a new music video for one of our favourite tracks of the year so far, “Them Changes”. Directed by Carlos Lopez Estrada, the cinematic clip shows Thundercat in battle as a samurai. Watch it below a read a note from the director below. (more...) (more)
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Horizon as a limit to a known world, a point of no return where knowledge ends and an unknown world begins. The horizion with time abandons that mysterious aura of “place” beyond which provokes death. Now this carries positive meaning that (more...) (more)
Comedy YouTube channel DistractifyVideo has produced a new three-minute video which features four girls trying to describe their boyfriend's penis to a police sketch artist. "Is he circumcised or uncircumcised?" asks the sketch artist to one of the women (more...) (more)
It’s pretty evident Alex Olson has been keeping busy these days, splitting time between his skate brand Call Me 917 and Bianca Chandôn. Dover Street Market even commissioned a range of exclusive T-shirts for a recent installation in their London space. (more... (more)
The Cocoon Tree is a 60-kilogram spherical object that can be hung off trees or anywhere you’d like. It’s a versatile den that’s inspired by traditional treehouses, fitted with a mattress and a lighting system. Comprised of aluminum-wrapped waterproof canvas (more (more)
Japanese artist Hajime Sorayama is best known for his portrayals of women and feminine robots, and here thanks to NANZUKA, you now have the opportunity to own one such “Sexy Robot” standing model. Limited to 100 pieces, the creation is 300mm (more...) (more)
A new trailer for the hotly tipped adaptation of the popular manga just arrived, which delivers more action, (much) more titans and more nightmarish imagery. I'm usually not the biggest fan of neither manga nor its film versions, but this one here looks (more...) (more)
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The Art of Repetition
July 27, 2015 / Music
Music software company Ableton has released a documentary on the consistently great New York trio Battles. It gives a behind-the-scenes look at the making of their recently announced third album La Di Da Di, following them from their NY rehearsal (more...) (more)
Living legend Tony Iommi - founding member and lead guiatrist of Black Sabbath - tells a real life tale of how he lost two of his fingers. This great animation is part of VH1's “The Complete History of Heavy Metal“, illustrated by British artist Paul Blow (more...) (more)
A new film charting the rise and fall of gang culture in New York City during the late ’60s and ’70s is set to be released later this month. Covering everything from the pitched battles and violence that dominated the streets of the Bronx, to an organic peace (more. (more)
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