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Have you ever imagined what it would be like to be an actual character inSuper Smash Bros.? The on-hand visual awards with a first person look at what such battling may entail. From being decked out in the appropriated costume, to being able (more...) (more)
Usually nature must adapt to the constant changes humankind defines, it sometimes even happens that new species appear or that plants are growing on quite unusual spots; but what if the human accommodations would adapt to nature? The result (more...) (more)
Prior to revealing the visvim Fall/Winter 2015 “Dissertation on revealing the practice” collection, Hiroki Nakamura had done an extensive amount of traveling in order to solicit the design tendencies for the new season. His escapades brought him to (more...) (more)
British band Foals have just unveiled the video for "Mountain at My Gates", which was directed by music video expert and long-time collaborator Nabil. The 4K footage was shot entirely with GoPro's new Spherical virtual reality technology (more...) (more)
Quite a unique style to this animation by Oleg Morozow and Arkady Kravchouk (The Happy Drummers) graduates of Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem. Apparently the effect was achieved through a combination of 3D animation (more...) (more)
Filmmaker Danny Cooke’s short documentary, Kinabuhi, is a beautiful portrait of a group of Filipino coconut farmers whose livelihood is in doubt. Plenty of gorgeous shots in this short documentary to draw you right in. I was immediately struck (more...) (more)
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If you haven’t seen one of Hayao Miyazaki’s films before, you’re definitely missing out. The Japanese animator and director, who has since announced his retirement back in 2013, has made such award-winning films as Howl’s Moving Castle (more...) (more)
July 29, 2015 / Video
The sheer beauty of this 4K video of Iceland might just melt your eyeballs. It was made by a couple of filmmakers studying Audiovisual Media at the Stuttgart Media University in Germany who spent 14 days in the land of hot springs and smoked lamb (more...) (more)
Planning to travel to Tokyo? Well lucky for you Monocle has just released a travel guide of the city in collaboration with published Gestalten. Written by a bureau team in the city who have been covering the metropolis since Monocle began in 2007 (more...) (more)
Achieving a unique retro look with the typical Harley isn’t exactly easy, but the crew at VDB Moto have done just that with their 99 Sportster 1200 scrambler redux. This scrambler conversion has an entirely new front end, using a new set of Showa (more...) (more)
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