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Minor Victories is the supergroup of Slowdive's Rachel Goswell, Editors' Justin Lockey,Mogwai's Stuart Braithwaite, and James Lockey of Hand Held Cine Club. Their debut album is in the works, they've previewed it with an excellent short film (more...) (more)
Civil Liberty
August 4, 2015 / Boards
Mark Suciu's debut Pro shoe is celebrated with Civil Liberty - the new video part with Mark Suciu plus guests Dennis Busenitz and Kevin Lowry. Mark is exploring several famous public plazas and exercising his civil liberties via skateboarding in each one. (more...) (more)
This is not CGI, DC Shoes just released a ridiculous video of Robbie “Maddo” Maddison riding a modified motorbike into a wave at Teahupo’o. Not sure how the surf community will feel about Tahiti’s iconic waves being charged by a guy in motocross (more...) (more)
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Paul Thomas Anderson loves using extreme close-ups in his films, and this supercut by Vimeo user, Jacob T. Swinney shows just how beautifully the acclaimed director uses the technique. Anderson confesses to spending a great deal of time perfecting (more...) (more)
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The latest installment of PBS’ Blank on Blank series goes all the way back to a 1967 interview with Hunter S. Thompson. Always insightful and well spoken, he talks about how he enjoys racing his motorcycle down the highway drunk out of his mind (more...) (more)
Happy Monday! We have this Japanese animator Hiraoka Masanobu returns with another mind-melting surreal feast for the eyes. Masanobu’s style is so recognizable now and yet the films remain as unpredictable as they always were. (more...) (more)
Trailer: Zoolander II
August 3, 2015 / Movies
Having already made an appearance at New York Fashion Week, Zoolander and Hansel (Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson) are back again in the official trailer for highly-anticipated comedyZoolander II. The trailer, which was quickly pulled from YouTube (more...) (more)
Have you ever imagined what it would be like to be an actual character inSuper Smash Bros.? The on-hand visual awards with a first person look at what such battling may entail. From being decked out in the appropriated costume, to being able (more...) (more)
Usually nature must adapt to the constant changes humankind defines, it sometimes even happens that new species appear or that plants are growing on quite unusual spots; but what if the human accommodations would adapt to nature? The result (more...) (more)
Prior to revealing the visvim Fall/Winter 2015 “Dissertation on revealing the practice” collection, Hiroki Nakamura had done an extensive amount of traveling in order to solicit the design tendencies for the new season. His escapades brought him to (more...) (more)
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