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April 28, 2015 / Art & Design, Video
The image of the woman that’s given by advertising, magazines and celebrity culture sure is one that’s heavily removed from reality. Brilliant and disturbing at the same time, animator Frédéric Doazan managed to present a portrait of today’s society with his short (more)
For the latest installment of its Classics series, Thrasher presents The Gonz episode, hosted by Jason Jessee. This episode celebrates the legacy of American professional skateboarder Mark Gonzales – one of the most influential skaters who is also considered (mo (more)
A short video from the funky French robots Daft Punk paying tribute to Chic’s Nile Rodgers has appeared online. The clip is taken from recent French documentary Nile Rodgers: From Disco to Daft Punk and shows the duo sending a message to legendary guitarist (more. (more)
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A Vimeo user by the name of Dávid Velenczei has created this great supercut containing a whole load of violence from Wes Anderson’s films. Although normally thought of a generally whimsical and sweet director, this cut shows that Anderson has his darker moments (m (more)
Upon introducing the new Jack Purcell Signature in February of this year, Converse looks to keep the JP spinoffs rolling, here presenting the Jack Purcell Signature Slip. The revamped take on the classic Converse silhouette notes construction from two-ply duck canvas (m (more)
The Bristol lo-fi duo has released a video for the woozy, reverb-soaked single, “I Am A Doctor” by James and Mark Hankins. It follows the Barrett brothers’ hedonistic lifestyle in a countryside estate, where they pop champagne in pools and hit golf balls (more... (more)
What can you accomplish in two weeks? We might be able to read a book (with pictures, please) or lose a pound, but there’s no way we’d ever be able to take a stock BMW and turn it into a wicked cool Scrambler like this. But that’s just what Junior Burrell of Retro (more)
The Birth of Saké
April 27, 2015 / Movies, People
New York-based filmmaker Erik Shirai successfully funded his documentary, The Birth of Saké, through Kickstarter and it recently screened at Tribeca (Variety gave it a great review here). The film explores how saké is made at a family-owned Japanese brewery (mor (more)
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Revolutions on Air documents the prime years of New York radio, during the golden era of dance and rap between 1980-1988. Often considered the biggest market, this time period in NYC offered many musical breakthroughs heralded by radio legends (more...) (more)
Fortifying a partnership that took root in 1997, Stussy and G-SHOCK get together for the Spring/Summer 2015 season. Electing to team up on one of the best-known silhouettes in the G-SHOCK catalog, the DW-6900, the collaboration keeps things simple (more...) (more)
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