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Trailer: Knight of Cups
December 18, 2014 / Movies
Terrence Mallick's new film, Knight of Cups, follows Christian Bale as he contemplates his life in Los Angeles, which is full of sex, drugs, and celebrity. Realising this isn't the man he wanted to be, he sets out to rediscover himself. (more...) (more)
J-Mascis-608x481 (1)
Dinosaur Jr. frontman and eternal guitar hero J Mascis now has his very own shoe, a collaboration with the L.A. company Keep. It’s purple, with a design on the back that’s made to look like Mascis’s guitar strap, and it comes with a 7″ picture disc from Mascis. (more)
Light Motif is conceived as a synaesthetic experience based on a visual transposition of Music for 18 Musicians – Section II, by the American composer Steve Reich. Directed by Frédéric Bonpapa, The ambition of the film is to offer a truly hypnotic experience (more.. (more)
Last week a man was sentenced to five years in prison after he punched a hole through a Claude Monet masterpiece worth £10 million at the National Gallery of Ireland in 2012. The painting has since been repaired, but the man’s actions, of which he initially said was (more)
Trailer: It Follows
December 17, 2014 / Movies
Man, that was about time! Besides “The Babadook“, David Robert Mitchell's follow-up to his subtle indie crowd pleaser “The Myth of the American Sleepover“ surely is one of the most original and creepiest horror films in recent times. After a highly successful festival (more)
The inclusion of Birkenstocks into a modern wardrobe continues with the new collaboration with Concepts, re-imaging the popular ‘Boston’ design. The new iteration comes in two holiday colorways: vibrant orange and Natural leather. (more...) (more)
Case Studyo is releasing a new edition sculpture in collaboration with Horfee called “Willy the Wheel.” Parisian artist Horfee is distinguished by his universe of chaotic landscapes and figures found on numerous street walls and galleries. (more...) (more)
Panda Bear has just unveiled a new track called “Boy’s Latin”, the second single from his forthcoming Panda Bear Meets The Grim Reaper album. It follows the Mr Noah EP from earlier this year and comes packaged with a pretty amazing video. (more...) (more)
With a career defined by exhibitions in the world’s most prestigious institutions, it’s no surprise that Yayoi Kusama‘s work might take a toll on her personal psyche. We know Kusama as the master of polka dot immersion – or ‘infinity nets’ as she calls them (more)
After traveling to the Canary Islands late last year, Carhartt WIP has finally unveiled the documentary from their travels. The team was comprised of a mix of skateboarders, some current, others whose passions were channeled into bike-building. (more...) (more)
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