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Where the goal of the mainline may be a certain look, the purpose of the STUSSY Livin’ GENERAL STORE is to create a mood. Here the brand imprint highlights several of its current offerings with a new video lookbook for the season. (more...) (more)
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If you're a graphic designer yourself, you'll have no doubt experienced countless amounts of people who want you to make their logo for free, for some reason assuming that you just have days on end to work on their projects free-of-charge. (more...) (more)
Playback.fm has introduced a clever feature which allows you to find out which song was No.1 (in the US) on the day you were born. Simply enter your date of birth into the date selector, which allows you to go all the way back to 1900 for the 115-year-olds among you, and (more)
Bluesville hosted its first Trunk Show on February 20th through February 22nd, 2015 at Common House, Panglima Polim Jakarta. Bluesville, known for its differentiation in the fashion industry through techniques such as natural dye, handwritten batik (more...) (more)
MANJZE is a men's footwear brand that represent style and quality since 2011. Headquartered in Jakarta - Indonesia, the brand is born to satisfy the lifestyle of urban people. And today presents its Classic version of  RANGER MOC 910. (more...) (more)
Chuck Palahniuk: Fight Club 2
February 27, 2015 / Books
What started as a groundbreaking novel in 1996, got then turned into a movie in 1999 - soon the amazing “Fight Club“ story will return as a sequel in the form of a graphic novel. The publisher Dark Horse just announced the news that the sequel to Fight Club will be (more)
Trailer: Catch Me Daddy
February 27, 2015 / Movies
“Laila, a girl on the run from her family is hiding out in West Yorkshire with her drifter boyfriend Aaron. When her brother arrives in town with a gang of thugs in tow, she is forced to flee for her life and faces her darkest night.“ (more...) (more)
British street artist Banksy has unveiled a series of new work and a short film in war-torn Gaza. The film is a wry take on a tourism video promoting the area, showing Banksy travelling to a place well away from the tourist track, full of the rubble (more...) (more)
With the help of Director Joseph Kahn, Executive Producer Adi Shankar and actor James Van Der Beek, the mighty morphing Power Rangers are reimagined as adults, for adults. In a video confession, Shankar talks about his inspiration for the 14-minute featurette (more... (more)
Brixton have unveiled their Spring 2015 collection with the release of this brand new lookbook. The collection features numerous pieces, many of which note earth tone hues. From button-downs to jackets, tanks, denim, and more, Brixton came through with (more...) (more)
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