December 11, 2012 / Accessories, Fashion, Style
Brodo Footwear

We never cease to dig on quality and great looking local products and labels. On this occasion we have the growing Indonesian footwear manufacturers, Brodo. The good people down at the Brodo HQ spare a few minutes of their time to tell us more about themselves.

Keep on scrolling down and check on a few of their fantastic collection and the short interview.

Q: How long have you guys been in the business?
A: Since 2010, but we got legit on November 2011, haha.

Q: How much are we to spend on your products?
A: For shoes, they go for around Rp395.000IDR-Rp595IDR and Rp120.000IDR-Rp225IDR for our accessories.

Q: You guys only sell footwear?
A: We started out by selling footwear, but now we are preparing other products as well. Our basic is to create cool products that every men would like, so don’t be surprised if one day you see a Brodo chair, Brodo mattress, Brodo cellphone… haha.

Q: Where can we find Brodo products?
A: You can find our stuff at The Goods Dept., but our largest traffic comes from our online store, www.bro.do.

Q: More information on Brodo? Twitter, Facebook, etc?
A: you can find Brodo’s page in Facebook, Twitter: @brodofootwear and www.bro.do. You can call our customer service (Om Bro) at 0813 80983 748

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