Shit. This Arya Wiguna thing is getting out of hand. I don’t follow the gossip about him and that Eyang Subur dude. I don’t even know what it is all about. Well anyway, we all know there is a lot of remixes and videos about Arya Wiguna saying “Demi Tuhan” and we manage to find out seven remixes or videos about Arya Wiguna that is funny as hell. Check out the videos below. DEMI TUHAN!
7. Demi Tuhan vs Harlem Shake

Wait what? This one is screwed up.

6. Demi Eyang Subur The Movie [Trailer]

Holy shit! There’s a movie about Eyang Subur?


5. Arya Wiguna – Demi Tuhan

This one is actually not a remix by any mean, but this one is on the list because of this slamming that table causes an explosion.

4. Arya Wiguna Lipsync (Jack & Dub)

This one is quite fucked up


3. Arya Wiguna – Demi Tuhan (Speech Composing)

This is the ballad version of “Demi Tuhan”. Sounds like sad song doesn’t it?


2. Demi Tuhan + 300

I never get tired seeing this one. This one always cracks me up.


1. Arya Wiguna – Jebakan Subur Remix

The one that started it all. The original.

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